Monday, December 19, 2011


This event is fun for all ages and held at the Besore library, it takes place on the third monday of each month. And it is a time for family togetherness, even man's/woman's/child's best friend gets to join in. :) It is a way to encourage your children to read by having them read to someone they really care for, their pets. :) There are usually three or four dogs that come from the Kindly Canines program.

American Girls Club (Dec 17th 2011)

The American Girls Club is a club for girls who enjoy reading the American girl series. The club's meetings are held at the Besore Library every third Saturday of the month. This Month the club focused on Kirsten, a Sweddish girl who comes to America with her family. They discuss the selected girl's life, games she may have played and struggles she dealt with during the stories. And the girls get to sample food that the selected girl might have eaten during her life. Its a chance for young girls to learn a little about history and get a taste for what life might have been like for other girls in different eras in history. :)