Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giggle Night!!! :)

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. Family members can forget their problems and worries by taking time for something extremely important: laughter together! :) On February 28,2012 Lilian Besore Library held a family event, known as giggle night. :) Where many laughs were shared by all. They came to giggle by playing with their food to make funny faces, drawings were you could win prizes, and telling jokes. :) It was a good time for all who came.

We hope to see you at our next family night in March, Pajama Party, on March 26, 2012. :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Coupon Class!!

Learn the tricks and techniques to saving money from two professional couponers! To be held at Lilian S. Besore Library, Greencastle, PA. Thursday, March 8, 6:00-7:30 pm. Sign up at Besore Library (597-7920) $5.00 per person. :) Class Includes: 1 hour of instruction, Questions and answers to follow, 1 instructional hand-out, and Coupons and door prizes. :) Presented by: Two Coupon Moms. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

American Girls Club :) February Meeting. :)

This past Saturday the American girls club met to discuss their character of the month, Kit Kittredge, she was a young girl living during the Great Depression. During this time many families couldnt afford to buy food or pay rent. To symbolize the lack of money the girls ate popcorn for a snack because during the Depression popcorn was a cheap snack that many people enjoyed. In the story Kit's family takes in boarders who were previously homeless, so the girls made signs that a homeless person or (hobo) which was what many people were during that era, would have had. They also played games and watched a movie that came out during this time period, The Wizard of Oz. Next Month's featured girl will be Molly, who is a very patriotic little girl, growing up while the world is at war. :) We hope to see you and your daughters at the Besore Library for our next meeting. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pajama Party! :)

You are invited to a Pajama Party! At Lilian Besore Memorial Library on March 26, 2012 at 5:30pm. Snore along with Author Zachariah Ohora, Make fun Otter Crafts! :) Sign up today, at the Besore Library, to reserve your spot! A Small bedtime snack will be provided! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coupon Class. :)

The  Lilian Besore Library is starting a new class on Thursday, March 8th, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Learn Tricks and tecniques for saving money. $5.00 per person, sign up in Library. :) Class Includes 1 hour of instruction, 1 instructional handout, coupons and door prizes. Presented by Two Coupon Moms. :)

100th Day Celebration at Greencastle Antrim Primary School.

Every year students in Greencastle Primary School collect dimes.. Why dimes you may ask? Well they spend 100 days collecting dimes to later donate to the Lilian Besore Memorial Library. This helps the library to gain extra money to buy new books for the juvenile/children sections in the library. Sometimes you may open a book your child brings home from the library and see a little piece of paper, this paper usually explains that the book was donated to the library by the school and lists the year the funds were used to by that book. :) This is always a fun day for all involved. The library is so thankful that the children do this every year. And this year the Greencastle Antrim Primary School raised a total of $776.80. This money will be used to buy new books for the coming years that will hopefully encourage all young readers to explore new books. :)

The Children who brought up the bags of dimes; (Sitting) : Hunter Needham, Taylor Jones, Jade Erazo, Nicole Sottile, Lainey Smith, (Standing) : Laura Greenlee (Library Director), Preston Shaw, Christopher Pellicano, Danielle Horner, Madison Shanholtz. Thank you soooo much for the Donations. :)