Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Greencastle Brownie Troop's visit to the library. :)

Brownie Troop 820, consists of a group of second and third graders from Greencastle. :) They decided they wanted to take action in their community and create a partnership with Besore Memorial Library. During their meeting they made a list of things they could do to help the library. They offered too clean up the library grounds by picking up trash and/or planting flowers. Plan and decorate a bulletin board with a theme that is important to our community. And donate children's books, toys, or magazines. :) They even offered to use some of the proceeds from their recent cookie sales to help the troop buy what they would need to help. :) The troop leaders are Diane Mills and Erin Herrmann. :) And the girls are; Abbi, Emma, Lauren, Avery, Julia, Lillian, Claire, Kara, Madison, Eliza, Kylee, Summer. :)  Thanks girls for all of your help. :)