Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library's "Dig Into Reading" 2013 Summer Reading Program!
Family Night Events!!
(Each Monday evening beginning at 5:30 PM--- Refreshments Provided!!! ) 

Monday, June 17 - "Let's Get to the Root of It!" Potato Chip Taste Test Night! - Join us as we dig into the root of it to find out who invented the potato chip and to participate in tasting various brands of potato chips to find out what the favorite chip is of the families of the Library! We will also be comparing the nutritional value of each brand of potato chip tested!

Monday, June 24 - "Fearless Builder!" Lego Night!! - Join us as we dig into the construction end of building and bulldozers! Fearlessness is a requirement to build a LEGO structure of your choice! Afterwards, be prepared to compete in a game against other attendees to be a part of the wreckers or the builders. You will not want to miss this exciting night! and you may not want to wear your best clothers! remember--- NO FEAR!

Monday, July 1 - "Fun Time with Mr. Will" Dinosaur Night! - Join Mr. Will Taylor here at the Besore Library as we dig into Dinosaurs!!! Make plans now to be interactively engaged with a lot of storytelling and puppets! Be sure to come and see what Mr. Will has up his sleeve! You will not want to miss this roaring good time!

Monday, July 8 - Movie Night featuring "The Borrowers"!!! - Join us as we dig into a great movie featuring John Goodman and Jim Broadbent in "The Borrowers!" They're charming and small and live behind the wall! They're the Borrowers, tiny beings whose big family adventure is a treat for people of all sizes! FREE movie and popcorn!!! --- who can beat that??

Monday, July 15 - "Hedgie Pet" Family Craft Night!!!! - Join us as we dig into underground animals! You will have the opportunity to create your very own Hedgie Pet to take home and love forever! We will begin with a book that has been well loved over the years and turn it into an amazing pet for you to continue to love each day! You will not want to miss this opportunity to provide your family with a lovable pet that will never need to be fed, watered, or taken out to go to the bathroom!
Monday, July 22 - "Dig Deep into Your Brain"!! Family Jeopardy Game Night! - Join us as we dig into history and find out just how much we really know! Mark your calenders to be sure that you participate in the famous Jeopardy game as we compete in fun! Family against family! You will not want to miss this night! 

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